Jesus Shine On Me album cover

Warren Family

2002 Linda Warren, all rights reserved, Made in USA

This is a CD recently made by our friend, Linda Warren, with help from her family and friends. Linda had been wanting to make a recording for a long time and with this project she has finally fulfilled her dream.

The words to the title track were written by Doug Batchelor, the speaker/director for Amazing Facts Television and Radio Ministry. The chorus has been sung in a number of worldwide evangelistic campaigns, but the verses to the song have been heard by relatively few. Linda felt impressed to compose music for the verses, so with permission from Doug she did so. The inspiring result can be heard on this project.

Here's what the liner notes on the back of the CD say,

"Christian folk artist Linda Warren's first album, Jesus Shine on Me, is sure to take you on a spiritual journey. With songs of rich lyrical content, the story of the Christian experience is told. This album is designed to appeal to people of all ages. (Children especially enjoy the songs, Jesus Shine on Me and When I Wake Up.) Wherever you are in your walk, this uplifting music will leave you reflecting on our God and Saviour with love, gratitude, and praise.

Linda's clear mellow voice and gentle acoustic guitar are occasionally accompanied by vocals by her husband John Warren, their daughters Sarah and Maria, also Kent Silvey and Kathy True. Various songs are complimented by keyboard strings by Kent Silvey, acompanying guitar by Keith Stalcup, cello by Phillip Hayne and Brian Laurtizen, violin by Joy Kanekfides, flute by Fredda Burton and Sarah Warren, grand piano by Lou Ann Pope and bass viola by Richard Hickam.

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