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Song Samples
(MP3 & RealAudio)

Note - The following songs are full versions in mp3 format. It may take a while to download them unless you have a DSL or cable connection, but, hopefully, you'll find it worth the wait. Just click on the title to download the song.

How Sweet Are The Tidings - mp3 sample (from Mountain Moving)

How Can You Say No? - mp3 sample (from Mountain Moving)

Enoch - Linda Warren mp3 sample (from Jesus Shine On Me)

Sanctuary - Linda Warren mp3 sample (from Jesus Shine On Me)

Search the Scriptures (John 5:39-4) - mp3 sample (from Search The Scriptures)

A Just Man (Proverbs 24:16) - mp3 sample (from Search The Scriptures)

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Note - These are live recordings which I made back in 1998 straight onto my computer's hard drive using the microphone which came with my AWE 64 Gold sound card for purposes of making these clips. They are shorter versions (without harmony, effects, etc.) just to give you an idea what our songs are like without it taking forever to download them. I have decided to keep these on this page instead of replacing them with updated mp3 sound files in case there are some of you who still have the old RealAudio players that are unable to play mp3 files and you have a slow dial-up connection.

Click on RealAudio icon at the left of each song title to listen to any of the following samples:

"Psalm 34:7-8" (from Scripture Song Anthology Vol. I).

"1 Corinthians 10:13" (from Scripture Song Anthology Vol. II).

"2 Corinthians 3:18" (from Scripture Song Anthology Vol. III).

"John 1:1-4,14" (from The Ten Virgins).

"Matthew 11:28-30" (from Come Unto Me).

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