Testimonials From Those Who Have Heard Our Recordings

Name: Martha Franks MY URL: Visit Me
My Email:Email Me Location:Neodesha, Kansas

I am so happy I happened upon this website. We have had your scripture song tapes and book for close to 20 years now and they still remain an inspiration to us. There is no better way of memorizing scripture. Our family has used these songs during times of adversity and trial and they are such a blessing! Just want to say thank you for using your talents for Jesus and sharing these precious songs with us many years ago. Hope to see you soon..in Heaven!I now have hundreds of Bible verses memorized. May the Lord bless your work.

Name: JShumway MY URL: Visit Me
My Email:Email Me Location: CA

I have really been enjoying your music and I hope you are working on more albums. Thank you for all your hard work on the music. I now have hundreds of Bible verses memorized. May the Lord bless your work.

Name: Kellie Warner MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Northern California

HI! I am SO glad to find your web site! It is a long story how I came to know of your wonderful music! My mom got ahold of the tapes when I was about 10, and I memorized all of them, I can sing with all of the tapes even now, we lost them and I found them again a few years ago, I went out to find them when the Lord brought them to mind as I was praying last night, and I decided to do a search under "joyful noise" and "Marti", and found your site! I am so glad! Praise the Lord! I will be ordering the tapes this week! Thank you so much for your ministry. I now pray these tapes will influance my 3 childrens' lives as they did mine! Kellie

Name: Bob Uhl
From: Cleveland, TN
Comments: I have really been very blessed by the scriptures that Jack has put to music. Not only are they extremely soothing but thay also move me to a closer walk with God. I have had the privilege of hearing Jack and his wife sing them live in my church and it has always added a real extra special measure of spirituallity to the service. I recommend Jack's music to anyone that loves God's word and music combined. God bless you in your ministry Jack.

Name: Teresa Levin
From: Gruetli-Laager, Tenn
Comments: We've known Jack and Laurie for several years now and each tape we get has been cause for rejoicing! We have found that these tapes have become our favorites. They're easy to sing with, they're encouraging, they're easy to learn, and easy to teach, and more than that they're enjoyable! It's easy to imagine the presence of angels and the Holy Spirit when we're listening to and singing with these scripture songs. Unlike most of the music today, Jack and Laurie are not coming across as "look at what wonderful musicians and songwriters we are". Instead, they are letting the music and the instruments be sweet and inspiring, and they don't intrude on or compete with the message of the songs. We really see a humbleness and a blessing in letting the words and simple music speak to our souls. Not one of the least of heaven's wonderful blessings will be to be able to sing all of God's wonderful words with Him and friends! Thank the Lord and thank you, Jack & Laurie, for giving us all these songs to sing--they're the very ones we need in times like these! We REALLY liked your website and plan to visit there often! Your friends in Jesus, the Levin family

Name: Jennifer Laurel Levin
From: Gruetli, TN
Comments: I have known the Marties since I was 9 and now I am 13. I enjoy their tapes a lot and I highly recommend them. When I was a little younger Mr. Marti took an active part in my sabbath school class teaching us kids scripture songs and about music, how to sing right and their most wonderfull music! Every kid in the class absolutely loved the songs also! So it's not just the adults that like them, we kid's like them just as much! Jennifer

Name: Tom Wardle
From: Mississippi
Comments: Jack and Lori, Our family has been truly blessed by the music that you sent to us. We have spent many hours listening to, and singing along with, your music. It has made learning Bible verses easy and enjoyable. I also like your web page. There are some really good links that will be a blessing also. May God bless your efforts to share your talents, and your love for the truth. Jack, I'm still waiting for that other tape.

Name: Joe Sexton
From: McDonald, TN
Comments: Jack & Laurie, I really appreciate your scripture song ministry. How wonderful it is to hear the stories of the Bible in song. It helps me to remember the scriptures better. I find that throughout the day as I'm working, even though the tape is off, I find myself singing the songs in my head. When I find myself being tempted, many times one of the scipture songs I've learned comes to mind and I'm able to resist the temptation.

Name: Marvin Dence
Website: Pending
From: Clifton, Tennessee
Comments: I have had the privilege of knowing the Marties for a number of years. We have done a lot of singing together. It used to be often at prayer meeting. I miss it a lot and am delighted with their web homepage. I would encourage anyone else to send for one of their tapes and learn the songs. They will prove to be a very present help in time of need. Thanks Jack, for your hard work. md

Name: Dane J. Griffin
Website: Lifestyle Matters
From: Hot Springs, North Carolina
Comments: I love your music tapes! They've helped our family immensely since we first heard them 10 or so years ago. Our children have always loved them and we sing your tunes many times a day. God bless you in your work. PS: According to medical science (we're health educators), memorizing scripture is one of the best ways to build brain strength and memory retention. We memorize passages on a regular basis and your music has been a key part of building our brains again! Thanks!

Name: Alvin Fisher
Website: Alvin's Home Page
From: SE Tennessee
Comments: One Sabbath as I was part of a singing band at a nursing home, Jack was there too. I had learned that he was a songwriter and I asked him to sing for us. I was very pleased with the melodious song that he shared. So, when he emailed me and told me that he was selling his tapes, I bought a set of his Scripture song tapes. And I am glad I did.

Name: H. Thomas
From: WA
Comments: Have enjoyed learning many of the scripture songs, and they have been a help to our kids in memorizing Bible chapters. Whenever Jon is assigned a chapter which contains one of your scripture songs, he doesn't even have to try. Sometimes he's been able to recite an entire chapter perfectly after only a few minutes of review because of the song tapes. Makes it easy to hide God's word in our hearts. Prayerfully,ht

Name: Gay D. Marrs
From: Kernersville, NC
Comments: Jack, I love you! You are so talented and have really established yourself in ministering to others through your music and love. I'm honored to have you as my brother and hope that I can touch one person the way you bring the word to hundreds. I am so impressed by your website. I have been entertained for an hour and could spend a couple more. Thank you for spreading the word through your beautiful music. I love and miss you. Gay

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